Jig saws : Milwaukee 6268-21 and Bosch JS470EB

Milwaukee 6268-21

Here is our jig saw reviews.   This is a top handle table Jig Saw with a nice cushion grip and provides an amazing precision in intricate cuttings. The tools comes with great finish and works in a perfectly controlled manner, delivering a smooth performance with reduced noise. It can move itself skilfully in detailed cuts.

The Milwaukee 6268-21 jig saw has a strong 6.5 amp motor which can make 1-inch strokes and up to 3000 strokes per minute. The precision in the cutting is made possible with its efficient roller blade guide.

The tool comes with a LED light which follows the trajectory of cutting and a dust blower which keeps clearing off the line of cut. These two features make it easy for the user when it comes to visibility of the line of cut and work with finish.

For the user’s convenience, the tool has a long cord which is about 12 feet and 8 inches and a balanced vibration control mechanism which provides the tool’s motions with a minimum level of vibrations while being used.

Another feature which makes it recommendable is its non-technical fashion of changing the blades which is quite convenient and easy.

Overall, the corded tool proves itself to be better than any other jig saw without worrying about getting out of battery in the middle of work and providing detailed intricate cuts.

Bosch JS470EB

This Bosch JS470EB Jig Saw is a barrel-grip power tool and the blend of its power, the built and the speed of the blades gives a finished and accurate cutting.

Bosch has provided a powerful 7.0 amp motor and the tool is designed with a heavy and large die-cast bottom. The blade is capable of making up to 3100 strokes per minute. It can perform the hardest and detailed cuttings in a quite smooth manner. The strength of its motor enables the user to work with a large range of materials.

It has a adjustable dust blower control and all the controls including the power switch, and the action dial except for the speed regulator are located on the left side of the jig saw.The user can conveniently work with the tool as it comes with an almost 10 feet long cord and also it has a storage compartment where one can store the blades and other accessories.
This jigsaw can be named as one of the best quality recommendable tool of its category.

Jig Saw : informations and reviews

With the current growth in the field of arts, many tools are being innovated each day while the older tools get on improving to enhance their performance. One of the areas that have seen wide expansion in terms of innovations and improvement is the production of workshop tools. Knowing the important roles that they play in the workshops, saws have been the center of this innovation. A Jig saw is one of the most modernized tools that have been improved over the time to meet the demands in the market and also to provide easier ways of executing workshop’s assignments.

A jig saw is a modified type of an electric saw that makes use of reciprocating blades. By this, it means that the blades of a jig saw moves in upward and down ward motion as opposed to table saws that makes rotations only along their axis. It actually works as a hand held saw in its motions while cutting. It also makes it possible to an orbital motion with it allowing you to cut an ovular shape. This makes it one of the best saws to be used in designing even the most complicated patterns on a work piece. It has two main types that are mostly used in workshops.

1.Milwaukee 6268-21
It is one of the best type of Jig saw that gives the customer maximum satisfaction after buying it. It is powered by a 6.5 amp motor and a speed of 50m/s making it very powerful enough to cut even the toughest of the raw materials. The LED light fitted on it helps the user in setting the most precise angle to cut through. Milwaukee 6268-21 has a keyless shoe adjustment of up to 45 degrees in both directions making it a very flexible tool to working with.

2.Black & Decker JS660
Powered by 5 amp motor, this type of a jig saw has made a niche in the market due to some of its very unique and special features. One of them is the fact that you automatically set the orbital setting with it since it has some pre-programmed settings. This will definitely minimize the errors and the amount of wasted raw material making the Black & Decker JS660 very easy even for the starters to use comfortably. Also fixing its blade is very easy and quick compared to others thus saving you a lot of time.These two types of the jig saw are the best tools you can have in your workshop. They are very efficient in work with agood warrant of 2- years and their cost is very low for anyone to afford.